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Tisercin 50 tablets 25mg Levomepromazine Psychotic states Тизерцин

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Tisercin Indications

Acute psychotic state, accompanied by severe psychomotor agitation and anxiety:

- acute attacks of schizophrenia;

- other serious mental conditions.

Adjuvant therapy for chronic psychosis:

- chronic schizophrenia;

- chronic hallucinatory psychosis.


- hypersensitivity to phenothiazines;

- simultaneous treatment with other antihypertensive drugs;

- CNS depressants overdose (alcohol, medications for general anesthesia, hypnotics);

- closure glaucoma;

- urinary retention;

- Parkinson's disease,

- multiple sclerosis;

- asthenic bulbar paralysis (myasthenia gravis), hemiplegia;

- severe cardiomyopathy (circulatory failure);

- severe renal or hepatic impairment;

- clinically significant hypotension;

- diseases of the blood;

- porphyria.

Dosage & Administration


Treatment start with low doses and then gradually increase depending on patient tolerability. After a marked improvement in the state of the dose can be reduced to a maintenance dose that determines the physician individually. The starting dose is 25-50 mg (1 tablet 1-2 times a day). If necessary, the initial dose can be increased to 150-250 mg (6-10 tablets) for 2-3 hours per day, maximum daily dose of bedtime take, then, after improvement, the dose can be reduced to maintenance. The maximum daily dose is 250 mg. Duration of treatment is determined individually, depending on physician treatment effect.

Children (aged 12 years)

Children are sensitive to the hypotensive and sedative effects levomepromazine because the recommended dose for them is 25 mg.

Elderly people

The drug is not recommended for the elderly from 65 years as people are more sensitive to fenotiazin.

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