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100% Authentic products

We give a lot of attention to our suppliers so that our customers get only the best goods. We buy only from reliable suppliers and directly from the manufacturers. We devote our special attention to drugs, medicines and other items with high risks of fakes. Buying at https://ukrstore.com you can be sure, that your purchase is 100% original. We make this check for your total satisfaction.

Proper storage during shipment

Our specialists keep all the items with the appropriate storage at the warehouses, but it is very important to keep the items in the same conditions during shipment. We developed the technologies which allows to send the medicines worldwide with keeping necessary temperature mode up to one month! All other items which you buy at our Store will be delivered to you in perfect condition, because they are protected from high and low temperature, dampness, sunlight etc.

Safe packing

We have a great experience in packing of very fragile items, plants, devices, medicines and a lot of other things. We pack them so safe, that even if the box is destroyed the items inside stay intact. We are responsible for your purchase during all time when it is on the way to you. So believe us, that you will get your item in perfect condition.

Worldwide delivery

We ship free to worldwide. You don’t have to think how much shipping costs to your country. We have a great many years experience in shipping to many countries. We mark the shipments as gifts and mark them with low value so that you don’t have problems with customs.