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Cathejell Lidocaine gel 1 unit-dose syringe 12,5g Катеджель лидокаин гель Anesthesia

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Quick Overview

Local Anesthesia agents



Cathejell Lidocaine Indications

For local anesthesia of mucous membranes and as a lubricant for:

- Urethral catheterization

- Sensing

- Endoscopy

- Endotracheal intubation


Hypersensitivity to the drug, and increased susceptibility to other local anesthetics amide type; reflux; severe heart failure (IV FC classification NYHA); severe bradycardia (<33 beats per minute); severe atrioventricular block (third degree); cardiogenic shock; hypovolemic shock.

Dosage & Administration

Cathejell with lidocaine introduces only a doctor or specially trained medical personnel. The dose is adjusted individually.

Use of the drug when administered catheter, endoscope or other medical instruments into the urethra.

Corrugated tube syringe containing 12.5 g of gel, of which approximately 10 g enter the urethra during instillation.

The recommended dose for adult men: enough to fill the urethra using 12.5 grams of the drug. Content of a corrugated tube syringe is sufficient to fill the urethra. For the same manipulations do not use more than one tube. The beginning of the drug occurs within 5-10 minutes.

Women, children (aged 2-12 years) and adolescents (aged 12y.o.): Special dosage recommendations for patients in this category are not available. Within 24 hours can not be used more than 4 doses.

Mode of application:

1. Clean and disinfect the external opening of the urethra.

2. Remove the paper, which is covered with a transparent blister to the tapered end.

3. break off the tip of the tube; if possible, leaving the tube in blister.

4. Remove the tip of the tube completely to avoid accidentally hitting him in the urethra.

5. Squeeze a drop of gel to facilitate introduction tip.

6. Easily pressing the tube, slowly introduce the gel into the urethra.

The balance of the gel should be discarded.

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