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Truxal 50 tablets 50mg Chlorprothixene Труксал Schizophrenia

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Schizophrenia & Psychoses



Truxal Indications

- schizophrenia and other psychoses associated with psychomotor agitation, anxiety and anxiety disorders;
- treatment of abstinence in alcoholism and drug addiction;
- depressive syndromes, neurosis, psychosomatic disorders, accompanied by anxiety, tension, agitation, insomnia, sleep disorders;
- epilepsy and mental retardation, accompanied by mental disorders, such as erethism, agitation, lability of mood and behavior disorders;
- chronic pain syndrome (for potentiating the action of analgesics);
- in geriatrics - hyperactivity, agitation, irritability, confusion, anxiety, behavioral disorders, and sleep;

Pediatric - behavioral disorders and sleep.


Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug, vascular insufficiency (circulatory collapse), CNS depression of various origins (eg as a result of intoxication caused by alcohol, barbiturates, opioids), coma.

Dosage & Administration

Oral adminsitrations, with water.

The dose is determined individually according to the patient's condition. At the beginning of drug treatment is usually administered in low doses to be increased to achieve optimal clinical effect as quickly as possible, depending on the individual response to treatment.

Schizophrenia and other psychotic conditions, mania.

Initial dose - 50-100 mg / day, with gradual dose escalation to achieve clinical benefit. Usually the optimal therapeutic dose is 300 mg / day, but may be increased up to 1200 mg / day, if necessary. The maintenance dose in most cases is 100-200 mg / day. In view of the sedative action of the drug daily dosage is divided into 3 doses, with daily doses lower than the dose taken before bedtime.

Treatment of state withdrawal in patients with alcoholism and drug addiction.

Assign 500 mg / day, divided into several doses over 7 days. After overcoming a period of abstinence dose reduced gradually. Maintenance dose - 25 + 25 + 50 mg of (1 + 1 + 2 tablets of 25 mg) to stabilize the condition and reduce the risk of relapse. After some time the dose can be reduced.

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