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Rispaxol 20 tablets 2mg Risperidone Schizophrenia Риспаксол

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Rispaxol Indications

- acute and chronic schizophrenia (including first episode psychosis) and other psychotic states with a predominance of productive (delusions, hallucinations, hostility, thought disorders, suspiciousness) and negative (poverty of speech, emotional and social detachment) symptoms;
- affective disorders in schizophrenia (anxiety, fear, depression);
- behavioral disturbances in patients with dementia with aggressive manifestation of symptoms (angry outbursts, physical violence), activity in disorders (agitation, delirium) or psychotic symptoms;
- manic episodes in bipolar disorder;
- behavioral disorders in cases where aggressive or destructive behavior (impulsivity, autoaggression) is leading the clinical picture of the disease.


Hypersensitivity to risperidone or to any component of the drug.

Dosage & Administration

The drug is taken orally, with a small amount of water, regardless of meals.


Switching from other antipsychotic therapy
In the period of treatment is recommended to gradually stop Rispaxol previous therapy with other antipsychotic drugs, if clinically justified; thus, if the patient is transferred from the depot medication therapy Rispaksol be used instead of the next scheduled dose depot preparation. Periodically evaluate the need to extend the current therapy antiparkinsonian drugs.


Rispaxol can be taken one or two times a day. Treatment should be initiated at a dose of 2 mg / day. On the 2nd day the dose can be increased to 4 mg / day (in some cases - more slowly). Thereafter, the dose can not be changed or corrected, if necessary. For most patients, a dose can be set in the range of 4 to 6 mg / day, but the dose may be reduced if the optimum response.

Elderly patients

The recommended starting dose is 0.5 mg 2 times a day. The dose can be corrected, improving to 1-2 mg 2 times a day.


The recommended initial dose - 0.5 mg 1 time a day (morning or evening). If necessary, the dose can be increased by 0.5-1 mg / day not more than a day to reach the dose of 3 mg / day. Therapy is effective in doses ranging from 1 to 6 mg / day; the use of doses above 6 mg / day has not been studied. Patients who experience persistent somnolence may take half the daily dose 2 times a day.

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