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NovoNorm 30 tablets 1mg Repaglinide Diabetes НовоНорм

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Quick Overview

Treatment of diabetes



NovoNorm Indications

Diabetes mellitus type II (insulin-independent diabetes, INZTSD) when using diet, weight loss and physical activity can not achieve satisfactory control of blood glucose.

Treatment should be initiated as an adjunct to diet or physical activity to decrease due meals blood glucose levels.


-Known hypersensitivity to repaglinide or to any component of the drug NovoNorm.

- Diabetes mellitus type I (insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, IDDM), C-peptide-negative diabetes.

- Diabetic ketoacidosis with the presence or absence of coma.

- Pregnancy and lactation.

- Severe hepatic impairment.

- Coadministration of gemfibrozil.

Dosage & Administration

The initial dose

Selection of doses has a doctor according to patient response, determined by the level of glucose in the blood. Patients not previously treated with hypoglycemic drugs recommended starting dose of 0.5 mg for every meal. Selection of start dose 1-2 weeks (term determined by patient response to treatment). If the patient received another oral agent, the initial dose recommended is 1 mg.

Supportive therapy

The maximum recommended single dose before meals is 4 mg. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 16 mg.

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