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Loop MIRENA 52mg Levonorgestrel IUS Спираль Мирена Contraception

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Quick Overview

Intrauterine contraceptive agent



MIrena Indications

- contraception (prevention of pregnancy);
- menorrhagia (excessive menstrual bleeding);
- protection from endometrial hyperplasia during estrogen replacement therapy.

Dosage and administration

To determine the position and size of the uterus should be performed gynecological examination.

Before introduction Mirena swab can be taken from the vagina and other studies carried out, if necessary, aimed at identifying infections including sexually transmitted diseases.

Women of childbearing age Mirena can be introduced into the uterus not later than 7 days after the start of menstrual bleeding (day 1-7 of the menstrual cycle).

After the pelvic exam is treated cervix with an antiseptic solution, then through a thin, flexible plastic tube is introduced into the uterus of MIRENA.

Some women experience pain and dizziness after the administration of the system.

If these effects are not, perhaps, that the intrauterine system is misused after half an hour stay in a quiet position.

gynecological examination must be carried out; system if necessary removed.

Mirena can be installed also after medical (artificial) abortions in the first trimester of pregnancy - after the next menstruation

(The doctor must be sure that there are no genital infections); after uncomplicated spontaneous labor - no earlier than 6 weeks.

During the estrogen replacement therapy, MIRENA may be administered during the last days of menstruation or withdrawal bleeding; in women with amenorrhea - at any time.

MIRENA should not be set earlier than six weeks after childbirth.

Mirena is not used as a contraceptive, used after sexual intercourse.

Mirena should be removed after 5 years. At the same time possible to make the introduction of a new intrauterine system.

Mirena may be replaced by a new system at any time during the menstrual cycle.



MIRENA can not be used under any of the conditions listed below:

- established or suspected pregnancy;
- cancer of the uterus or cervix, or suspected of it;
- cervical dysplasia with atypia (cervical cell changes);
- uterine or cervical abnormalities body, including due to fibroid, leading to deformation of the uterus;
- vaginal bleeding of unknown origin;
- inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs;
- infections of the lower genital tract;
- cervicitis (cervical infection);
- postpartum endometritis (infection of the uterus postpartum);
- uterine infection after abortion (septic miscarriage) during the last 3 months;
- diseases accompanied by increased susceptibility to infections;
- acute disease or liver tumor;
- mammary cancer;
- idiosyncrasy (including a history of hypersensitivity) Mirena IUD components.

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