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Blemaren 80 effervescent tablets Блемарен Urological system treatment

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Urological diseases



Blemaren Indications

- Litholysis urate stones in the urinary tract and the prevention of primary and re-education; litholysis mixed urate-oxalate stones;

- prevention of calcium oxalate stones (the prevention of re-stone formation and growth of residual fragments);

- alkalization of urine during cytostatic therapy during use of uricosuric drugs, to treat patients with cystine calculi and renal tubular acidosis with phosphate litiazom;

- as an adjunct in the treatment of hyperuricemia xanthine oxidase inhibitors (eg gout);

- as an adjuvant as part of combination therapy of symptomatic late porphyria skin.

Dosage & Administration

Average daily dosage is determined individually and may be 6-18 g of active ingredient (2-6 effervescent tablets per day). Effervescent tablets are taken after being dissolved in water or fruit juice. The daily dose is divided into 3 equal parts, which take in a day (for example at 8.00, 14.00, 21.00).

The effectiveness of the drug is carried out by determining the pH of fresh urine 3 times a day before the next dose. For this purpose, the standard test strips embedded in each package. Indicator zone of the test strip to be briefly immersed in the urine, and then removed after 2 minutes to compare the resulting color of the test strip with color scale printed on a set of test strips, and certain pH values ​​written in the calendar control.

The dose of the drug is considered to be matched correctly, if the pH value determined 3 times a day, are recommended for each disease within. To dissolve uric acid stones urine pH should be between 6,2-6,8. If the daily profile of pH values ​​below 6.2, the dose should be increased, and if it is above the level of 6.8 - lower.

To dissolve the urate, calcium oxalate stones and prevent the recurrence of calcium oxalate stones urine pH should be maintained at a certain time from 6.8 to 7.4.


- Violation of renal excretory function, acute renal failure, chronic renal failure in the phase of decompensation

- CDF acute disorders (metabolic alkalosis)

- Urinary tract infections, caused by bacteria that break down urea (danger of formation of struvite stones)

- Srict salt-free diet (such as severe hypertension)

- Giperkaliemichesky intermittent paralysis

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