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Skin Antiseptic Cutasept F 250ml 8.4 oz Атисептик Кутасепт Ф

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Skin Antiseptic


Skin Antiseptic Cutasept F Indications

- pre - and postoperative skin treatment and surgical sutures;
- disinfection of patients' skin before invasive interventions, injections, blood collection, puncture, blood sampling;
- hygienic and surgical disinfection of the skin of the hands of medical personnel of medical and preventive institutions;
- disinfection of the skin before manicure, pedicure and tufju, piercing and other procedures;
- hygienic disinfection of the skin of hands;
- personnel of laboratories of different subordinates, sanitary-epidemiological service, pharmacies and pharmacies, sanatoriums, sanatoriums, dispensaries, rest homes and the like; children's preschool institutions, educational institutions of different levels of accreditation;


Disinfection of the skin before intraarticular injections, catheterization, needle injection, puncture, arthroscopy and blood sampling. The surface of the skin is wiped with a sterile cotton swab dampened with a remedy.

Holding time after the end of treatment - 1 min.

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