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Uniflox eye ear drops 5ml 0,3% OFLOXACIN Унифлокс Ear & Eye Infections

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Ear & Eye Infections



Uniflox Indications

Ophthalmology. Bacterial infection of the anterior segment of the eye caused by pathogens sensitive to ofloxacin: infectious conjunctivitis, keratitis, keratoconjunctivitis, blepharitis, barley, chalazion and corneal ulcers.

Otology. Treatment of bacterial infections caused by pathogens sensitive to ofloxacin, in adults and children over 12 years for the treatment of external otitis, chronic suppurative otitis media


Hypersensitivity to the active substance or other quinolones or to other ingredients.

Chronic conjunctivitis Nonbacterial origin.

Infectious inflammation of the anterior and posterior sections of the eye or eye subsidiary bodies, as well as the ear canal or inner ear caused by strains resistant to ofloxacin bacteria.

Dosage and administration

The dose and duration of treatment is always determined by the physician depending on the severity of the disease and the patient's age.

Adults. The first 2 days 1 ̶ instill 2 drops every hour for the next 2-3 days, 1-2 drops 6-8 times a day at regular intervals. Duration of treatment is at least 7 days (3 days after cessation of purulent discharge) and should not exceed 14 days.

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