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Octenisept solution 250ml Antiseptic Октенисепт

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Antiseptic and disinfectants



Octenisept Indications

Antiseptic treatment of mucosal tissue and surrounding skin.

Treatment of wound surfaces (including newborns umbilical wound, festering wounds in surgery and obstetrics), bedsores, ulcers (including gangrenous), during and after surgical, diagnostic and other medical procedures, trauma ( including fractures), burns (deep and superficial), treatment sadnyn, cracks, postoperative seams, treatment and prevention of inflammation of the reproductive organs, the urethra (including diseases, sexually transmitted diseases) prevention and treatment of infections of the mouth, eyes, antiseptic wash cavities, general cleaning of the whole body of patients with MSRA.

Hygienic and surgical treatment of the hands of medical personnel.


Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Not used into the nose, in the area of ​​the eardrum and for instillation into the bladder.

Dosage & Administration

Before using the drug is recommended to clean the skin, mucous membranes to be processed. Antiseptic uniformly applied to the surface of the skin and mucous membranes, wound surface with a swab soaked in enough of a solution or irrigated using a spray.

The surface should be completely moisten. After pre-imposition of bandages, labels should give the treated surfaces to dry completely.

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