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Euthyrox (levothyroxine sodium) 25mcg, 50mcg, 75mcg, 100mcg 100 tablets Эутирокс

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Euthyrox (levothyroxine sodium) 100mcg 100 tablets Эутирокс 25
Euthyrox (levothyroxine sodium) 50mcg 100 tablets Эутирокс 25
Euthyrox (levothyroxine sodium) 25mcg 100 tablets Эутирокс 25
Euthyrox (levothyroxine sodium) 75mcg 100 tablets Эутирокс 29

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Hormone preparations for systemic use (excluding sex hormones and insulin). Drugs for the treatment of thyroid diseases. Thyroid drugs.


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EUTHYROX Indications

Euthyrox 25-200 mcg

- Treatment of benign euthyroid goiter.

- Prevention of recurrence after surgical treatment of euthyroid goiter, depending on the hormone level in the postoperative period.

- As a replacement therapy for hypothyroidism.

- Suppressive therapy of thyroid cancer.

Euthyrox 25–100 mcg

- As an adjunct during antithyroid therapy for hyperthyroidism.

Euthyrox 100/150/200 mcg

- As a diagnostic tool when performing a thyroid suppression test.


- Increased individual sensitivity to any component of the drug.

- Adrenal insufficiency, pituitary insufficiency, thyrotoxicosis, which were not treated.

- Acute myocardial infarction, acute myocarditis, acute pancarditis.

- Combination therapy with levothyroxine and antithyroid drugs during pregnancy is not prescribed (see section "Use during pregnancy or breastfeeding").

Dosage & Administration


For the treatment of each individual patient, depending on his individual needs, Euthyrox is available in tablets containing from 25 μg to 150 μg of levothyroxine sodium. Therefore, patients are usually prescribed only 1 tablet per day.

Dosage information is for guidance only.

The daily dose is determined individually, depending on laboratory parameters and the clinical picture of the disease.

Because an increase in T4 and fT4 concentrations has been observed in a number of patients on levothyroxine therapy, basal serum thyroid-stimulating hormone levels are a more reliable indicator for further dose adjustment.

Thyroid hormone therapy should be started at a low dose and gradually increased (every 2-4 weeks) to the required therapeutic dose.

Elderly patients with coronary heart disease, patients with severe or long-term hypothyroidism should be treated with extreme caution, with small doses (12.5 mcg per day), increasing the dose to maintenance at longer intervals (gradually by 12.5 mcg due to every 2 weeks), regularly monitoring the level of thyroid hormones. It should be borne in mind that the appointment of doses less than optimal, which provides a complete replacement therapy, does not lead to complete correction of TSH levels.

Experience has shown that lower doses are sufficient for patients with low body weight and for patients with large nodular goiter.

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