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Hand Antiseptic Manorm Coral 50ml 1.6 oz Манорм антисептик

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Hand Antiseptic


Hand Antiseptic Manorm Coral Indications

Prevents transmission of:

- viruses - agents of acute respiratory diseases (including influenza);
- tuberculosis;
- intestinal infections;
- fungal infections;
- virus of papillomatosis (what causes warts).

Dosage & Adminsitration

Wet your hands with water and apply a detergent so that it covers the entire surface of the hands.

For washing hands, use a solid, liquid, powdered soap or a washing lotion with a neutral pH.

Rub vigorously the outer and inner surface of the hand, for 15-20 seconds.

After that, the hands should be thoroughly rinsed with soap and water and dried with disposable towels or napkins.

On the skin of the hands put antiseptic, pressing 2-3 times on the nebulizer, at a distance of 10-15 cm from the hand, carefully rub the antiseptic into the skin of the hands until completely dry.

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