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Synesterol Biopharma inject. solut. 10 ampl 2% 1ml Hexestrole Синэстрол

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Quick Overview

Gynecological disorders treatment


Synesterol Indications

- dysfunction of the ovaries;

- primary and secondary amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, dysmenorrhea;

- genital hypoplasia;

- menopausal disorders;

- breast cancer in women aged 60 years (in the complex therapy);

- prostate cancer in men (in the complex therapy).



Liver and kidney, breast, endometriosis, uterine bleeding, malignant and benign in women under 60, a disease associated with elevated blood clotting giperestrogenii various forms of diabetes.

Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.


Dosage & Administration

Adults. Before using the drug vial with slightly warm water bath (up to 30-40 ° C). In case of loss of crystal vial heated in a boiling water bath until their dissolution. Enter intramuscularly.

In hipohenitalizmi associated with lack of ovarian function and dramatically underdeveloped uterus - 1-2 mg daily for 4-6 weeks or more (use 0.1% solution).

In secondary amenorrhea - 1-2 mg per day for 15-20 days.

In hipoolihomenoreyi - 1 mg intramuscularly every day or every other day for the first half of intermenstrual period.

The highest dose intramuscular injection: single - 2 mg (2 ml) of 0.1% solution daily - 3 mg (3 mL) 0.1% solution.

When breast cancer for women aged 60 years to apply the 2% solution - 1 ml (20 mg) daily, then gradually increase the daily dose of 5 mL (100 mg). Through careful observation to establish the optimal dose, which is administered for a long time.

When prostate cancer every day 3-4 ml (60-80 mg) of 2% solution for 2 months, followed by 0.5-1 mL (10-20 mg) solution of 2% per day. The total dose and duration of treatment depend on changes in the prostate, the presence or absence of metastases, general condition and degree of feminization.

In the treatment of malignant neoplasms highest dose for intramuscular administration:

Single - 3 ml (60 mg) of 2% solution daily - 5 ml (100 mg) of 2% solution.

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