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Lomexin vaginal cream 78g tube 20mg/g Fenticonazole Ломексин

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Quick Overview

Gynecological diseases treatment



Lomexin Indications

- Genital candidiasis (thrush)

- Vulvovaginal,

- Colpites,

- Mixed infection of the mucous membranes of the genital tract.


Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Dosage and administration


The drug is used at bedtime using a clean reusable applicator, when necessary, medication use additional morning.


To prevent re-infection, it is recommended to conduct both local treatment by applying a cream partner Lomeksyn® on the glans penis and foreskin.


- Screw on applicator on the tube in screwing-on caps;

- Easy to squeeze the bottom of the tube so that the filled applicator. In case of resistance to gently pull the piston applicator. Fill applicator completely if the doctor does not recommend different dosing;

- Remove the applicator and immediately close the tube cap;

- Adopt a horizontal position, legs bent at the knees and dissolve slowly and carefully enter alligator deeply as possible into the vagina. Fully lower piston. Remove applicator without touching the piston.



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