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Dermazin cream 1% 50g SULFADIAZINUM Дермазин

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Дермазин cream



Dermazin cream INDICATIONS

Treatment of infected burns, bedsores, ulcers, superficial wounds with low exudation. Prevention of infection in burns, wounds, bedsores, ulcers, abrasions, minor cuts, as well as skin transplantation.


Appropriate treatment administered immediately after the evaluation of the size and depth of the wound surface.

After cleaning the surface of the burn Dermazin applied to the affected area (or a sterile gauze, which is superimposed on the burn surface) layer of 2-4 mm.

The cream is applied with a spatula or a sterile hand (wearing sterile gloves), usually 1 time per day; in severe cases applied cream 2 times per day. Before each re-application should be washed off the remains of the previous layer of cream and water or wound exudate p-rum antiseptic. You can apply a bandage.

Dosing and dose not depend on carrying out the treatment or prophylaxis as well as the patient's age.
The cream does not stain clothes and bed linen.


- hypersensitivity to silver sulfadiazine or any other component of the drug;

- porphyria;

- during pregnancy and breastfeeding;

- under the age of 3 months (due to the possibility of kernicterus).

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