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Colistin Alvogen powder for solution for injection or infusion 2000000 UI 10 vials Колистин Алвоген

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Quick Overview

Antibacterial agents for systemic use, tetracyclines



Colistin Alvogen Indications

Treatment of some severe infections caused by gram-negative bacteria, including lower respiratory tract and urinary tract infections, when more widely used systemic antibacterial agents are contraindicated or ineffective due to the development of bacterial resistance.



Hypersensitivity to colistimethate sodium (colistin) or to polymyxin B.


The patient has myasthenia gravis.


Dosage & Administration

The dose depends on the severity and type of infection, as well as the patient's age, weight and kidney function. If the clinical or bacteriological efficacy of the drug is slowed, the dose may be increased depending on the patient's condition.

Patients with impaired renal function, neonates and patients with cystic fibrosis are recommended to monitor the concentration of the drug in blood plasma. Concentrations of 10-15 mg / L (approximately 125-200 IU / ml) of sodium colistimethate should be sufficient to treat most infections. It is usually recommended to carry out treatment for at least 5 days.

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