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Maninil 5 120 tablets 5mg Glibenclamide Diabetes Манинил

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Quick Overview

Diabetes treatment



Maninil Indications

Insulin-dependent diabetes adult (type II diabetes) if other measures, such as strict diet, reducing excess body weight, sufficient physical activity did not lead to a satisfactory correction of blood glucose.


Hypersensitivity to the active substance, to Ponceau 4R or to any component of the drug. Hypersensitivity to other drugs sulfonylurea to sulfonamides, culfonamidnyh to diuretics and probenecid.

Dosage & Administration

The drug should be prescribed only by a doctor and always corrected diet. Dosage depends on the results of investigation of metabolism (blood sugar and urine). Control of blood sugar and urine required when switching from other hypoglycemic agent.

First and subsequent appointments. Therapy start, if possible, with the lowest possible doses, primarily concerned patients with increased susceptibility to hypoglycemia or weighing less than 50 kg. The first destination is from ½ to 1 tablet of the drug Maninilâ 5 (corresponding to 2.5-5 mg glibenclamide) per day. With the lack of correct metabolic state should gradually increase the dose at intervals of several days to one week, to the required daily therapeutic dose. The maximum dose is

3 tablets drug of Maninil 5 (corresponding to 15 mg of glibenclamide) per day.

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