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Lucetam 20 tablets 1200mg Pyracetam Луцетам Psychoorganic syndrome

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Psychoorganic syndrome



Lucetam Indications

Symptomatic treatment of psycho-organic syndrome (cognitive impairment - memory loss, poor concentration, insomnia and decreased motivation due to local or diffuse lesions or disorders of brain function).

Treatment effects (primarily aphasia) disturbance of cerebral circulation.

Treatment of cortical myoclonus in both mono- and combination therapy.

Treatment of vertigo and disequilibrium (except disorders associated with vascular disorders and mental instability).

The use as a component of a comprehensive treatment of cognitive impairment associated with chronic alcohol abuse or withdrawal symptoms.

In combination with other methods (including speech therapy) - increasing disability for children with learning and dyslexic difficulty.


Tablets: Hypersensitivity to piracetam, pyrrolidone derivatives, as well as other components of the drug; severe renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance <20 mL / min); hemorrhagic stroke; Children up to age 3 years.


Dosage & Administration

Tablets are administered orally. Dose picked individually, depending on the severity of the disease and the patient's reaction to the drug. Tablets should be taken before meals and drink 100-200 ml of fluid.

Duration of treatment is determined by the patient's clinical condition.

In chronic conditions the optimal effect of the drug is usually achieved for 6-12 weeks. After a 3-month period of treatment is necessary to analyze and decide whether to continue it.

Depending on the etiology of the disease - in the presence of a satisfactory effect of the drug - the treatment may last for several months, and in the case of Alzheimer's disease - even a few years.

In the symptomatic treatment of psycho-organic syndrome, depending on the severity of symptoms, the drug is prescribed in a dose of 2,4-4,8 g / day in 2-3 divided doses.

In the treatment of the effects of cerebrovascular events (lasting more than 15 days), the recommended dose is 4,8-6 g / day.


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