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Chymotrypsin crystalline lyophilisate for solution for injection of 10 mg in vials 10 pieces Химотрипсин

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Proteflazidum ( Протефлазид )


Chymotrypsin  INDICATIONS: 

Respiratory diseases accompanied by the accumulation of thick viscous sputum - tracheitis, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, pneumonia, lung abscesses, atelectasis, and bronchial asthma with increased secretion.

In surgery and traumatology - prevention of complications after surgery on the lungs, burns and bedsores, thrombophlebitis, purulent wounds.

In otorhinolaryngology - for purulent sinusitis, acute and subacute laryngotracheitis and bronchitis with thick viscous sputum, after tracheotomy to facilitate the removal of thick viscous exudate, acute and subacute purulent otitis media with otitis media and otitis media.

In ophthalmology - with large thromboses of the central retinal vein, acute obstruction of the central retinal artery, opacities of the vitreous of traumatic and inflammatory origin, cataract extraction.


When using novocaine as a solvent, we recommend that you take into account the safety information of novocaine, and also make an allergic test for novocaine before using the drug. For respiratory diseases (tracheitis, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, pneumonia, lung abscesses, atelectasis, bronchial asthma with increased secretion), the drug should be administered intramuscularly to adults for 5-10 mg once a day for 10-12 days. Later in 7-10 days, the course of treatment can be repeated. In chronic long-term treatment processes can be repeated 3-4 times.


The drug can be used for exudative pleurisy, empyema - intra-pleural:


            in surgical practice:


- for the prevention of postoperative complications (lung surgery), the drug should be administered intramuscularly to adults 5-10 mg once a day, starting 5-10 days before surgery and continuing for 3-4 days after it. In the postoperative period (with atelectasis that has arisen or at the initial stage of pneumonia), the drug should be administered intramuscularly to adults of 5-10 mg once (1-3 ml of 0.25% solution of novocaine) per day. In this case, it is recommended to combine intramuscular injection of chymotrypsin with vagosympathetic blockade on the side of Vyshnevsky lesion and use chymotrypsin in the form of aerosol inhalations in 5% aqueous solution of 3-4 ml. In hemothorax, empyema, chymotrypsin should be injected daily intra pleural 20-30 mg (diluted in 5-10 ml of sodium chloride solution of 0.9% or 0.25% of novocaine);


- in phthisiosurgery, the drug should be prescribed for the same purpose and in the same doses against the background of specific antibacterial therapy. In chronic fibro-cavernous pulmonary tuberculosis complicated by bronchitis, the course of preoperative preparation is longer (10-12 days), sometimes repeated until the maximum rehabilitation of the bronchial tree;


- in general surgery in the treatment of burns and bedsores after removal of necrotic tissues that are freely removed, chymotrypsin at a dose of 20 mg diluted in 20 ml of 0.25% solution of novocaine and a thin needle several injections enter under the scab. It is advisable to make notches on the scab before entering. During the next dressing, lysed necrotic tissue should be removed mechanically;


- for thrombophlebitis, administer the drug intramuscularly to adults 5-10 mg once daily for 7-10 days. If the first course of treatment is ineffective, repeated courses are inappropriate;


- for the treatment of purulent wounds, intramuscular injection of the drug should be combined with topical treatment of the wound with tampons soaked in 5% solution (prepared with 0.9% sodium chloride solution);


in ophthalmology:


- cataract extraction of chymotrypsin at a dilution of 1: 5000 to enter into the posterior chamber of the eye, followed by washing of the anterior chamber with sodium chloride solution 0.9% 4 minutes after administration of the drug;


- in the treatment of thrombosis of the central retinal vein, acute obstruction of the central retinal artery, chymotrypsin used in the form of a 5% solution prepared in a 1% solution of novocaine. Inject subunit 0.2 ml
1-2 times a week;


in otolaryngology:


- for sinusitis, the drug should be injected into the maxillary cavity in the amount of 5-10 mg in 3-5 ml of sodium chloride solution 0.9% after its puncture and washing;


- for otitis instill in the ear 0.5-1 ml of 0.1% solution of chymotrypsin (prepared on 0.9% sodium chloride solution);


- for micro-operations on the ear for the purpose of restoration or improvement of hearing (tympanoplasty, stapedectomy), a 0.1% solution of chymotrypsin should be inserted into the cavity for softening of fibrous formations in the middle ear during surgery. Concomitantly with topical administration, chymotrypsin should be administered to the intramuscular adult 5 mg 1-2 times daily. Dilute the preparation in 1-2 ml of 0.25-0.5% solution of novocaine or 0.9% sodium chloride solution.


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