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Burdock Root Oil Hair Loss Treatment 100 ml

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Burdock Root Oil Extract against Hair Loss 100 ml


Burdock oil is prepared by oil extracts nutrients from the dried roots of burdock. Burdock or Thistle, is a biennial plant that has broad leaves and inflorescence type basket with hooked thorns.

Due to these properties, burdock oil not only makes hair loss but also helps to avoid other problems:
- treats dandruff;
- removes dryness of the scalp;
- treats split ends;
- eliminates breakage;
- gives a healthy glow;
- provides hair with elasticity;
-accelerates hair growth;
- gives curls the force.

Burdock oil affects the hair follicles and scalp, nourishing them due to the high content of vitamins and minerals. Nutrition is improved and due to the acceleration of blood circulation.

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