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Biseptol (Co-Trimoxazolium) Tablets 400mg+80mg №20 Pabianice Pharm

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Biseptol Co-Trimoxazolium Tablets 400mg+80mg №20


Biseptol is a complex antibacterial medicine that contains Cotrimoxazole. Cotrimoxazole - a mixture of sulfamethoxazole (sulfonamide with an average duration of action) and trimethoprim in suitable proportions. The two components of a medicinal product acting on the same chain biochemical reactions, which increases the antibacterial effect and inhibits the development of bacterial resistance. Biseptol has a wide range of indications including the treatment against Pneumocystis jirovecii i.e. pneumonia in adults and children, prophylaxis of toxoplasmosis, nocardiasis, urinary tract infections, chronic bronchitis and acute otitis media in children.

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