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Anrdocur Depo introvenous injection solution 3ampl 3ml 300mg Cyproterone Андрокур

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Quick Overview

Prostate cancer

Testosterone level


Anrdocur Depot Indications

Androcur Depot is for use exclusively for men.


- To reduce libido during sexual deviations,


- For the palliative treatment of metastatic or locally progressive inoperable prostate cancer, if treatment is analogous luteinizing releasing hormone (LRH) or surgery were insufficient or contraindicated;


- Initially to reduce hot flashes that can be caused by increased levels of serum testosterone in early treatment agonists LRH.




- liver disease;
- Dubin-Johnson syndrome, Rotor syndrome
- liver tumors present or in history (only when the tumor is not due to metastatic prostate cancer)
- meningioma or a history now
- set malignancies or suspicion of their presence (except progressive prostate cancer)
- severe chronic depression
- thromboembolic phenomena now or in history
- hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the components of the drug;
- Children and teens completion of pubert

Dosage & Administration


Injections should be made slowly. The drug is only for intramuscular injection. It should be carefully monitored to ensure that the substance administered not hit the vessel.


To reduce sexual desire in pathological deviations in the sexual sphere of men.
Variations in sexual behavior require treatment only if significant symptoms of this disease. The prerequisite for treatment is the patient's wish to be treated.


The contents of one ampoule preparation (3 mL) administered every 10-14 days as a deep intramuscular injection. In exceptional cases where the effect of the lack of treatment can be administered 2 capsules every 10-14 days, preferably 3 ml (the content of one ampoule) in right and left gluteal muscle (M. glutaeus maximus).


To stabilize the therapeutic effect should be used Androcur Depot for a long time and, if possible, at the same time conducting psychotherapeutic interventions.


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