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VEROSPIRON (Sironolactonum) Capsules 50 mg №30 Gedeon Richter

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VEROSPIRON (Sironolactonum) Capsules 50 mg №30 Gedeon Richter


Verospiron is a potassium, magnesium sparing diuretic. This medication is a competitive antagonist of aldosterone on the effect on distal nephron (competes for binding sites on cytoplasmic protein receptors, reduces the synthesis of permeases in the aldosterone-sensitive part of collecting tubules and distal tubules), increases the excretion of Na+, Cl- and water and reduces the excretion of K+ and urea, reduces the titratable acidity of urine. Increased diuresis causes a hypotensive effect, which is unstable. The hypotensive effect is not dependent on the level of renin in the blood plasma and is not revealed in normal blood pressure. Verospiron contains the active ingredient Verospiron that belongs to a group of medicines called diuretic(water pills). Verospiron works by blocking the receptors of aldesterone resulting in increased water removal by the kidney. Thus, Spironlactone lowers water retention and reduces blood volume. Verospiron is a “potassium-sparing” diuretic, meaning that it does not cause increased potassium elimination out of the body. INDICATIONS: -Hyperaldosteronism(increased aldosterone production) -Hypertension(high blood pressure) -Water retention -Congestive heart failure (CHF) -Cirrhosis of the liver -Kidney disease -Treating low levels of potassium in the blood (hypokalemia).

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