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Glutargin 10 ampoules 5ml Cirrhosis of the liver Leptospirosis Arginine glutamate Глутаргин

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Cirrhosis Leptospirosis



Glutargin Indications

Acute and chronic hepatitis of various etiologies, poisoning hepatotropic poisons (pale toadstool, chemical and medicinal substances), cirrhosis of the liver, leptospirosis. Hepatic encephalopathy, and coma precoma accompanied by hyperammonemia. Status of acute alcohol poisoning mild to moderate severity, hangover, postintoksikatsionnye disorders caused by alcohol.

Dosage & Administration

The drug is administered intravenously to adults. Drip administered 2 times a day for 5 ml (2 g) at 150-250 ml isotonic sodium chloride solution at a rate of 60-70 drops per minute. In severe cases, the daily dose is increased to 15-20 ml (6-8 g). The course of treatment - 5-10 days. The highest daily dose - 20 ml (8 g).

For the treatment of alcoholic poisoning administered 2 ml (0.8 g), 2 times a day for 2-3 days and then the dose was reduced to 1 ml (0.4 g), 2 times a day for 10 days. In severe cases (alcoholic coma) is increased to a daily dose of 5 mL (2 g), 2 times a day.


Relative contraindications include fever, irritability and psychotic reactions with rapid flow, severe violations of the filter renal function.

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